Do you need extra push notifications in Rocket.Chat?

Lot’s of Rocket.Chat community users reach out to us and asks: Can you give a price to upgrade the amount of push notifications. The answer is clear: You need to upgrade to Rocket.Chat Enterprise. There is no possiblility to uprade the amount of push notifications only. But Rocket.Chat Enterprise offers much more. Please read:

“What else is my workspace getting aside from more push notifications?”

Related to the Team Collaboration features, you’ll receive full access to the Security Bundle + Enterprise Access Control + Access to Support, among others, the main recommendations for a secure team collaboration workspace are the following:

As you know, we use Google And Apple’s mobile services as part of the management we have for the push notification’s gateway, the information that you share with your colleagues goes through those gateways in order the reach out to the mobile devices, so, the secure push notification feature would give you a chance to prevent that information to be shared with the American gateways and generate only a generic notification without the body of the message.

This feature is part of the so-called Enterprise Security Bundle, which is recommended for data loss prevention laws in European countries, this bundle includes the following features:

If you like to see Rocket.Chat enterprise and all nice features let’s meet and discuss.  You can easily book a meeting through our online calendar.