Do you speak the same language as your customer? No? No problem!

Do you work with customers, residents, patients or colleagues who do not speak the languages ​​you speak and you still want to work together or help each other? This is possible with a real time translation solution by Fabulor.

At Fabulor we believe that real delightful interactions arise when we see, hear and value each other. That’s not easy if you have to collaborate online… let alone if you don’t speak each other’s language. We found something about that. Real time translation using DeepL from an Omnichannel platform such as Rocket.Chat connected to all channels such as Whatsapp, Facebook, Insta or email. So if you receive a message in your Omnichannel inbox in Chinese, we will automatically translate it into your preferred language. If you send a message back, you can do so in your language and it will be automatically translated and sent to the preferred channel of your customer, resident, patient and colleague. Easy isn’t it?

So anyone who would like to collaborate internationally and also want to help expats, patients, migrants or tourists online….we have the solution. Just take a look here how it works!