Real-time translation in your social messaging app?

translation app by fabulor

How do you add a personal touch in the virtual dialogue with your customer when you don’t speak each other’s language? Social messaging is the answer. It connects, creates loyalty, translates and helps your customer answer questions and possibly order products. All this contributes to a long-term customer relationship in which you are satisfied with each other. With this form of communication, you as an organization are in the middle of the social life of your ‘always-on’ customer. With dozens of messaging apps connected to 1 platform from which you can answer all questions. So mail, Whatsapp, live chat or Facebook? Everything is sent to one communication platform for all your questions, purchases and communication. This delivers maximum engagement with ongoing conversations AND real-time translation in all languages.

For example, we developed a communication platform for a cargo company where customers from West Africa (mostly French speaking) are in real-time contact with Dutch and Chinese clients. The questions are translated from whatsapp, email or live chat to our clients, who send an answer in their own language from 1 system back to the customer’s preferred messenger. Efficient, personal and accessible.