Our Fabulor app is now available in the Rocket.Chat marketplace

The Fabulor apps Integrates your workspace easily with widely used apps like whatsapp, Nextcloud, Google Calendar, Facebook Messenger, Microsoft Outlook Calendar. The Fabulous app has now 2 solutions in it:

  1. Whatsapp integration for in- and external communication: You can with this solution use whatsapp to have conversations with your customers in the omnichannel, bring whatsApp to the team collaboration and send outbound messages.
  2. Integration with Google Calendar. You can easily use Google Calendar to create meetings in a channel and invite all the people there. You can set your status to busy automatically when you have an event in your calendar so you don’t get bothered.

Coming soon

  • Real time translation app Next month we’ll deliver our real time translation app so customers and agents can communicate in real-time in their own language.
  • Integration with Nextcloud.Nextcloud is an on premise collaboration solution which has a huge need for realtime chat. Fabulor will integrate both solutions native as part of the Fabulor apps.  

Interlutions GMbH is the first user of the Fabulor app: Jens Parrée, CTO, is more than happy to support his employees with this Fabulous feature. “Employees now no longer have to manually adjust their availability, it is fully synchronized with their online calendar. So everyone knows that the employee is not available at that moment and you can ask someone else if you have a question”

Try the Fabulor app and pay per use, easy to use, install with zero configuration and zero maintenance.