In app chat…What?

Many companies have developed great apps and websites to ultimately help a customer find their answer or make a purchase. Often that works, but sometimes you just can’t find the answer or you want to discuss something. Then of course you can pick up the phone and call, or send an email, but why can’t you just send a message? Directly from the app or website. A normal question without having to answer 20 questions from a chatbot first and preferably in your own language. We call the solution to fix that “in app chat”. Either an integrated application to chat where the interface exactly matches the app or website.

Something new under the sun? No, not. Many companies already provide this. That’s how Bol has Billie. A complete in the look and feel of Bol integrated chat solution linked to a Chatbot. Like this we developed for a shipping agency an online marketplace for trucks and vans with an in app chat solution in their native app. Now potential buyers could chat directly via the app or via Whatsapp with the dealers. They ask questions about mileage or maintenance status. The shipping agency stays in between because, as soon as the sale is complete, the car will have to be transported. The beauty of this solution is that the communication is translated in real time into the language of your browser or telephone.

Want to see how it works? Book an appointment and you will see how nice it is for your customers to have their questions answered in their own language!