Why do companies look for a Slack alternative?

The need for digital communication apps has made companies look to popular team collaboration tools such as Slack, MS Teams and Skype. Although very popular, such tools can fall short in security and software flexibility. This is why so many organisations are looking for alternatives to Slack and MS Teams. We have briefly listed the main reasons for you:

  • 🔵 Go beyond Slack features like omnichannel support
  • 🔵 Increase the security and privacy of the communication
  • 🔵 Get a great instant messaging tool for a better price
  • 🔵 Customize their chat solution

75% of employees believe that collaboration and teamwork are important in the workspace. We should support them all in the best way to get in touch with their teams, customers and external partner really easily. And also, if customization or integration is needed..Let’ s do it and don’ t wait for the roadmap of these big vendors. The other import reason is security and privacy. Slack is not GDPR compliant and does not encrypt all messages end to end. So if you are considering replacing slack include the following requirements in your search for a new communication platform:

  • 🔵 Choose for an open platform which is easy to customize or integrate
  • 🔵 Check if your solution is GDPR compliant and the messages are End to End encrypted
  • 🔵 You should be the owner of your data. So, think where and how you want to host your data and you’ re the only one who have access to it.
  • 🔵 Basic features like channels, direct messages, push notifications, video integration and a great marketplace where you can several nice add on features are must haves!
  • 🔵 And finally, it should be great if you can customize the platform by the organization itselves. For example to integrate a chat into your applications like Salesforce or Hubspot. You can always reach out to collegues or directly to your customers favorite channel

If you are looking for high data security standards and wide customization options, we strongly believe Rocket.Chat is the best option. Due to its open-source nature and because it offers both omnichannel and team collaboration native features, it’s a well-rounded option for anybody looking to compensate on Slack’s drawbacks.

If you want to learn more about how Rocket.Chat can improve your workflow and boost your team productivity chat with us!